June 27th, 2010


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The cold (cooler?) front doesn't appear to have gone through yet. *waits*

While I am waiting:

Yesterday I helped one friend move, then was treated to dinner by another friend. It was a place I never would have stopped for on my own, if only because it appeared to be a pub - Barley Brewhouse in Overland Park. The food was good (of course, I was very hungry, but I think the food was just good to start with). I had a scotch egg for the first time. I kind of inhaled my half. I must say I preferred it without the mustard (spicy brown) rather than with. Although the mustard was palatable, unlike the unnatural, bright yellow crap I grew up on and refuse to have anything to do with.

For the main course, I had their Asian Chicken Salad. I ate the whole bowl and probably could have eaten a bit more, even. Didn't feel the least bit stuffed. It had typical salad greens and chicken tossed with the dressing, and on top there was ginger, jicama*, red and yellow bell peppers, cashews and a fried wonton wrapper half crumbled in/half forming a side.

I can't describe just how good that tasted, but I can't usually finish a restaurant salad and I scraped every last possible morsel out of that bowl.

I then imposed on my friend's good hospitality by lying on his floor with my knees up. I should have asked the host to seat us at a table with straight back chairs, since the bench seats make my back worse if it's acting up, but that didn't occur to me until after the scotch egg arrived and that was just too late to ask to sit somewhere else. About two hours flat on my back (and some Motrin in me) and I could drive home in relative comfort.

That was probably not what my friend had in mind for the afternoon, but it was precisely what I needed and I am very grateful.

*I had never seen that in a restaurant food before and it was the entire reason I picked that salad over all the yummy looking things on the menu.

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Cold front? You were expecting a cold front? Sorry, those are on back order.

Thank-you-so-much Weather Guessers, for getting my hopes of cooler temps and storms up. :p