July 10th, 2010


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I failed my "remember sunscreen" sanity check yesterday, so the back of my neck (hair was up) and a few inches of the top of my back and shoulders are kind of fried. I wore a much higher collar today, let me tell you.

One thing about checking up on vacancies, I get to walk through a certain amount of high (and burr-filled) weeds. I wonder if I will finally get a tick. I am terrifed of ticks, but I have never had one actually bite me. Which is damned odd, since mosquitoes LOVE me.

I admit, if the porch looks like it won't hold my weight, I don't actually knock on the door. :( Also, I have heard too many sad stories about foreclosures. :( :( And we have only just begun.

BUT, as most of this is rural, the neighbors know EVERYTHING (assuming I can catch them at home, mind you.) I haven't actually met an unfriendly person yet (although I am pretty sure one or two people have just refused to answer the door) and some have obviously been glad to have someone to chat with at.