July 16th, 2010


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Today's interesting sight was butterflies - lots and lots of butterflies this morning. Only a couple vultures today and a few of those horse flies.

I went to the Osage County Courthouse this afternoon to do a little research and found out from a very friendly and talkative tax assessor that a woman that had been irratible with me is just generally unfriendly to everyone. As I was going to the court house I was a little afraid I would find overworked and unfriendly people, but this was so not so! The woman practically jumped at the chance to look things up for me. Sure, I now know I can go to www.osageco.org and look stuff up, but I won't get the rich side stories and bonus information I got from her.

And, a gentleman at one town's City Hall helped me identify for sure two houses and then rather guardedly informed me that they hadn't had water hooked up in months and months. Good enough for me! Those were vacant. He was a little less guarded when he mentioned that the folks from another house I was having trouble with moved into "house over here" *he pointed to my map* last year. That was three down at one stop!

I do NOT want to wear out whatever welcome I can get from the local officals, but in that case I really could not figure out which address went with which residence, or if they went with either. City Hall or the Post Office seemed my best choice and the Post Office was closed for lunch when I got there. ;) Most of the time, I bug the neighbors.