August 2nd, 2010


And the sub-conscious said 'Neener!" to the conscious

Dream (of course): I become aware that my paternal grandmother's house should be 'right over there' and we* drive** 'over there'. Now, there WAS a house there and it WAS situated on the a corner lot just like my Gran'ma G's. But as we were driving(?) past it my conscious thought process was something like this: The yard's not quite right. The color of house shouldn't be turquiose. There should not be a bay window in the west wall. There really should be curtains in all windows. I don't think that's Gran'ma G's house.

Oddly, this cognative dissonance didn't wake me, as the dream continued with us* going to another unfamiliar house, but this one actually did have family in it.

So, my conscious (as much as a sleeping mind is conscious) mind was expecting one thing and my sub-conscious said "not the one!". Weird.

*beats me now who was with me. I just remember he was male and not family.
** I assume we were driving. Or... something