December 31st, 2010


Two extraordinary things

First, the somewhat distressing one. It was so warm yesterday I opened windows. This morning, there's ICE on the ground. I would suspect yesterday was a dream, but the trash IS out....

And, the less distressing one. On a whim I bought some fingernail polish on Monday and tried it out. The french manicure ended up ugly (my hands just aren't steady), so I scrubbed it off and tried the light pink from O.P.I. (still using the french manicure set's base coat). Shockingly, it still looks great. Hardly any chipping, when usually I can expect fingernail polish to start chipping and flaking off within 24 hours. Certainly within 48. I don't know if it's the base coat, the top coat, the fact that I scrubbed my nails with finger polish remover, if my nails have just changed, the little dab of base coat I put under the nails (but that didn't really stay, after all), a mixture of some or all of the above or something I haven't even thought of. Who knows, maybe it's the fact it's such a subtle color I am not subconsciously picking at it.