January 31st, 2011


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I really wasn't wondering where the ice was. But if I HAD, I would have an answer now. blah.

Oh, and snow tomorrow means costuming meet up is very unlikely. double blah.

Totally different subject:

I just don't get something about 'my fellow gamers'. It's not all of them, for sure, but there's a very vocal portion on gaming forums with the strangest request. If there's a fun single player game (in my case usually an RPG), they desperately want a multiplayer feature. Or just plain make it multiplayer. But I really don't think they are thinking this through.

With most of the games I enjoy I am the main character in a story. And I rather like it that way. If the game were multiplayer, this could not be. Perhaps you can be part of the team that are the 'main characters', but the logistics of telling a good story this way are immense.

Don't get me wrong - I obviously enjoy multiplayer, as my WoW addiction can attest. But with MMO's you can never really do anything permanent; everything resets. If the story of the game progresses, it's because the Devs have pushed it, not because of anything you did or completed. It's a completely different mindset from a single person RPG.

And some people either don't get this, or deliberately blind themselves to it. I honestly don't know what it is they think they are asking for. They want to bring friends along while you all fetch and carry for fate/the gods/the king/whatever? Hell, there are people that wanted Dragon Age to be multiplayer, I guess because you have several people in your squad. But then, who's the Grey Warden? All of you? And, if you are all PCs, where's the fun character interactions with your squad mates?

Most of the games that HAVE tried to integrate multiplayer into their game have had completely separate quest lines (IF they even have something coherent enough to be called a story or a quest line) for the multiplayer versus the single player. And even with that, one or the other has really kind of sucked.

But there are still people that demand it.

I just... just don't get it.

About the time Morrowind was announced, someone at Bethesda Softworks (makers of the Elder Scrolls series) said that they would prefer to do a great job at doing one thing (single player RPG), rather than a mediocre job doing two (adding multiplayer to that single player RPG) and that made me really, really happy.

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And now it's to be a blizzard. oh. wee. 10-14 inches of snow (and wind. mustn't forget the wind part. It's just heavy snow, otherwise)

Heck, seems Brownback has ALREADY closed state offices for tomorrow. Not much chance the schools here will be open (which is a relief to me, as I don't want my son out in that.)

Now I am just whinging

No new Castle tonight

I can smell someone else's stale cigarette smoke in my apartment

The controls on the Mako in Mass Effect (the first one) SUCK.

I am thinking comfort book (Paladin of Souls, perhaps) and a hot bath. Once I am calm, I might try that mission again, this time hopping out to see if I can save at all.