February 24th, 2011

Snooch scream by flemco

Stand Back! I'm gonna try...

... cooking. Like, without a recipe. Winging it.

I'm scared.

So, I couldn't pass up this port tenderloin at the grocery store. But I really haven't the faintest idea how to cook it. Nor do I really have all the suggested ingredients I have found online (don't cook much). So... in the crockpot on low for 4 hours I can do. But what to add? I saw things like water, wine, garlic, onion soup mix, soy sauce. But I only have a couple of those.

But citrus is good with pork, as I recall. Or ... something.

So, I have water, sliced oranges, soy sauce, garlic salt (whoa, it's gonna be salty!), and Herbes de Provence in the pot with the pork.

It can only turn out bad, right?
Happy Kiki

Mmmm, tasty

Not sure if any of my add-ins made any difference, but the roast is quite tasty. The liquid left behind... not so much, so it's going down the drain or in the trash (depending on state)