March 21st, 2011


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Thank goodness, Castle is back to being funny. What WERE they thinking with that unrelievedly dramatic two-parter, anyway?

Also, how should I prepare a pineapple? Do I cut it in slices and peel the slices? Cut it in half and scoop it out like a cantalope? (What do you mean that's not how one eats a cantalope? Sure it is! Don't judge me!) I only just realized I have never done anything with a fresh pineapple. Now, if it were a mango, I would be all over that like white on rice, but this spiky, football-shaped thing... not so sure.

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And now I am a posting fool.

But I am seeing a marked decline in the quality of WoW phishing spam. For a while there, I had to actually check the source code to be really sure they weren't real. Now... can't these people find even ONE person with a firm grasp of English for these things? It's not like the person would have to create more than one. *shakes head* I don't even....