April 28th, 2011


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Neverwinter Nights (the base game) had this lovely little stone I could hot key and teleport to someplace where I could get healed, sell off everything but the traps I removed from various things and I could teleport back to where I had been for a nominal fee. If I wanted to sell the traps, it was a matter of mere second to run to the person that could do that.

It was so easy, quick and convenient I couldn't quite believe it.

In NWN's first expansion I find that I need to use a ring to teleport, that ring must be equipped (and has no buffs, so I have to swap out rings) and can't seem to be used from the hot key bar. Also, it requires the destruction of a 'focus stone' to work. I get teleported somewhere that does NOT have anyone that buys and sells stuff. I have to go upstairs and WAY to the back of the floor to make more of these 'focus stones' and woe be to you if you run out of the materials for that.

If I want to sell anything, I have to leave the building (loading screen), run clear AROUND the map (nice little cliff in the middle of the map I have to go around) to get to anyone that sells stuff (with loading screen to get in and out of the shops) and have to go to a whole different MAP to get to the person that will buy the traps. The run all the way back to get teleported to where I had originally teleported from.

Yeah, this is the boring, tedious, time-consuming crap I was expecting.