May 11th, 2011


Stood in a Fire

So, I was leveling one of my many alts when the sky turned red (this means Deathwing is about to make a strafing run, for those that don't play WoW) and I think to myself, my main still needs the achievement for dying to Deathwing, must get my main here!

Start to log off alt.

Right at the end of the 20 second wait, alt dies to Deathwing (with achievement. This makes two alts with Stood in a Fire when my main still doesn't have it) so she doesn't actually log out.

Release alt to GY, restart log off count down. Start to get worried.

The alt gets logged out and I log my main in.

Shoot, she's in Thunder Bluff, not Org. Hearth!

Getting more worried.

Fly to Twilight Highlands portal and go through.

Wait for yet another loading screen.

Find that the sky is normal in the city I ported in to. Blast, blast, blast.

Fly to where my alt was in a forlorn attempt to find fire.


Fly in. Nothing happens.


Fly more. Get the Achievement but DON'T ACTUALLY DIE.

W. T. F.

Fly around more to see how much is actually on fire (looked like a swath through about the middle)

Stop moving around... and finally die.

Too funny.