May 23rd, 2011


Boosting the signal

Remember, no matter what the disaster, giving blood is probably the easiest thing you can do and it will always be welcome. Until we come up with artificial blood, donations are the only way to go. So, if you can, please go out and give.

And I thought it would be a fun distraction

You know how credit cards have started offering 'bonus points' and other such things to get you to buy things from their 'affiliates'?

Well, I figured if they had some computer game store as one of those, I would finally have a use for the it all. And turns out that Game Stop was one. I requested a gift certificate last week and it came in today.

The Witcher 2 would be a great distraction!

The GameStop in Lawrence didnt' have one. :( Bummer. But he very helpfully told me that I could find it at GameStops in either Topeka or the KC area. He even gave me the address and phone number and suggested I call to have a copy held.

So I called the one in the Great Mall of the Great Plains and had the nice man on the other end of the line hold one for me.

This part work out very well. (Well, I did park on the far side of the mall from the store as it was possible to do, but that's a minor thing). Turns out, it was the store's only copy, so maybe I really did need to call ahead. As an aside, the mall is very well maintained-looking for how empty it was. The experience was a touch surreal.

Anyway. Got home and tried to install the game. SLOOOOOOW and it error-ed out at about halfway.

Cursed a bit and restarted the computer and tried again.

Same thing.

Cursed more and did a Google search using the file in the error message. (for the record, the error was as follows)

Feature: Required files
Component: Data
File: D:/
Error: Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

This search informed me that this is not uncommon and appears to be the fault of my too-old DVD drive.


So, it looked like my options were:

1. Find a work around. And if I were one of my brothers, that might have been viable. But I am not, so...

2. Take the game back and just use Steam. But I WANT all the books and stuff that come with the CD version. so..

3. Accept that this is a taste of what's to come and get a new DVD drive. This wasn't nearly as painful as I thought. I got a USB external drive for less than $40 and it is completely plug-and-play. The only issue seems to be that the cord is short so I won't be leaving it plugged in. Extraordinary. It even has a place to put the cord on the drive itself so I won't lose it. Therefore, next time I get a game that my usual DVD drive is 'too old' for, I have the solution right here at hand. And that game WILL, most likely, exist.

But there was a part that made me giggle.

The boxed version of The Witcher 2 came with 'papercraft'. Paper dolls. In parts.

*giggles more*

The instructions are:

Step one
Pull out and fold all elements

Step two
Insert part 1 into opening 1. Do the same with the rest of the parts.

Step Three
Be creative in using these figures. Have fun with it.

And now I suddenly realize what I was supposed to be doing while waiting for the game to install. But I can't even look at the things without going into fits of giggles.