June 7th, 2011


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I am three for three picking good mangoes from the super market. Yay!

But those peaches were a cheat. They smell like peaches, but they are crunchy and sour.

It's my firm belief that THIS is why we don't eat enough fresh fruit: If all you really know is super market fruit, then you are used to fruit being tasteless and sour and why eat that?

Dragon Age 2 Malcolm's Bequest

One of the mage robes from Dragon Age 2 (Mage pack DLC, I am pretty sure) is called Malcolm's Bequest and uses the same base robe pattern as the Viscount's costume, but for some reason I only noticed the robe as Malcolm's Bequest.

And I really want to try to make it. It seems simple enough (but for the shoulder detail) and offers some use of fabric paints.

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Today at Costume meet up...

We were subjected to an internet style argument LIVE.

Yes, indeed, J. decided that some part of H.'s funny anecdote was wrong and wasn't taking anything less that complete conversion to his understanding of the world and how it works. Voices were raised and thumping of something (his fist?) occurred.

He actually said 'My uncle is a lawyer!" and that's when I said 'I have had enough!' and left*.

Very soon after J. and T. found themselves all alone.

I never, EVER thought I would hear an internet flame war in person, much less be in the same room as one. If he does that in person, I shudder think what he does on the internet.

On the other hand, one can't storm out of an internet flamewar without just making things worse. Storming out of a room and leaving the person with no one to bluster at? Priceless.

*I recall saying 'And I have had enough of YOU." but I am not sure I was coherent enough to be intelligible and I suspect my aversion to eye contact diffused the statement enough J. can tell himself I wasn't actually talking to him.