June 15th, 2011


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A WoW guild member of mine has been in KC for the last two weeks helping care for her nieces-in-law, one of whom was recently very badly injured in a car crash and the other should have been on ADHD meds and wasn't.

Sprouts needed some adult time. So I tried to find as many nearby guild members as I could and pull them in. Long story short, Sprouts, my youngest brother, his GF and I* got Oklahoma Joe's carry-out, some beer and pulled up the Seven Samurai on Netflix at my brother's house.

I had never seen Seven Samurai before; in fact, I think my brother was the only one there that had. It was interesting but I am pretty sure I missed a whole heck of a lot of it, reference-wise. Monkey, though - I got monkey, loud and clear, and it made me wonder if the other six samurai were equally representative.

On the other hand, three woman can make a lot of fun of all those naked legs. And butts. But brother is the one that made final comment: Upon seeing one of the characters lying dead, face down, butt-to-the-camera, he said 'That has to be intentional: Death of an ass."

Why, yes, we laughed a lot. I blame the beer.

*Yes, all in the same guild. All raiders, too. We were missing the Guild Leader (something about a USA game? Priorities, man!) and an oldtimer that doesn't get to play much anymore.

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At 10 'til 5 I ordered pizza online from Domino's (as it's just up the street and they have this special...) for carry out and thought 'I have about 10 minutes to kill I will just read some of this KMeme fill*"

Well, I got the the end (the current end - it's supposedly not done yet) and closed the tab. At this point, the Domino's tab became visible. Cue panicked look at clock. 6! OOOOOPS!

That's embarrassing and amusing enough, but I am wearing my 'I can stop anytime I want to' shirt**, which makes the irony kind of strong, too.

*This one, in fact http://dragonage-kink.livejournal.com/4251.html?thread=10830235#t10830235

** A drawing of a person with their head in "Shards of Honor" and surrounded by other book by Lois McMaster Bujold.