January 23rd, 2013


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So.. now I am a migraine snob. This morning a co-worker mentioned something like 'and now I have this migraine headache' but showed no signs of it slowing him down - he didn't seem debilitated at all. And I wondered to myself if he even knows what a migraine IS. I know some people are supposed to get migraines without any other attendant symptoms like blind spots, numbness and nausea, but I have always wondered how it's determined the headaches are migraines without said other symptoms.

Having been the one with the blind spots, the auras, the numbness in fingers and lips, the nausea (and thinking, 'can I just throw up now? Throwing up means the pain will stop soon.'), the curling in a tight ball of misery, I guess I am a little defensive of people throwing the word around so easily.