April 25th, 2013


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Slow Kerri is Slow. I had been thinking I liked Paladin of Souls so much because the main character is 40, female, widowed and a mother of grown children. I mean, how often does that happen in either fantasy or SF? I really can't think of any other.

But then I started parsing out characters (in response to someone asking for one "superhero movie where there are two female characters with substantial parts and not fighting over a guy.") and realized the main character is female, the main antagonist is female (and in many way's Ista's direct counterpart), the secondary antagonist is also female and the people needing rescue the most are both male (one of which is completely unaware he needs rescuing. Heh.)

Oh, and gender benting of 'damsel in distress' is even complete with the hero ending up romantically involved with the rescued.