Kerri (solan_t) wrote,


Oh, someone HAD to have made this up!

Medical Blooper for Jan 21

"A patient had been comatose for several weeks until a nurse attempted to straight cath her. As the tip of the catheter was being inserted, she moaned, "Oh Harold, not tonight!""

My hair looked redder this morning than it did right after I colored it, so either:
a) my eyes' ability to see red waxes and wanes (which would explain why red tail lights sometimes hurt my eyes, sometimes don't)
b) pure bathroom light shows the red better than bathroom light + ambient daylight (not likely!)
c) the color has actually gotten redder since I first colored it (could be... I suppose.)

Can't. Get. Damn. Song. Out. Of. Head. (but now I have music playing OUTSIDE my head. Relief can't be far away.)

Breakfast does not appeal this morning. But I have most of it choked down. That will make the wait for lunch easier.

Got three rounds of Carcassonne in with starstraf and Pooch last night. Star won twice and Pooch won once. I was second every game, as I recall. Those farmers are such wild cards. Would love to play the game with five to see how the balance of power shifts.

Finally managed 500+ meters on the 'Elephant' level of We 'heart' Katamari, so maybe Thomas will let me be for a while. lol He just wanted that out of the way so he can play the non-timed version.

Thomas plays Carcassonne quite well, for an eight-year-old. And he enjoys it, so major props to Pooch for suggesting it.

I have a busy week scheduled, but nothing ever works the way we expect here.

I swear, there was one other thing I wanted to record here....

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