Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I just added this to my bio, but since I doubt very much that gets read often, I put it here, too.

Now, about my username. Once upon a time there was a man by the name of Thomas (not to be confused with my son, Thomas) who was running an AD&D campaign. As he had an orphaned character that really needed to stay in the campaign, he asked if I would like to take her up and I agreed. This character's name was Solenacea (and to this day, I don't know if I am spelling that correctly...) and she was an elven Spellsword (or something like. She was good with both sword and spell.) I enjoyed playing with her, but the campaign petered out.

Then I started playing Asheron's Call. I made an Aluvian for my second (and, in the end, main) character and needed a name. Solenacea was pretty cool, but hard to spell, so I shortened it to Solan. According to AC lore Aluvians take their father's names as their last names with the added suffix of "-sun" for sons and "-mad" for daughters. Hmmm, Solenacea of Thomas' AD&D game quickly became Solan Thommad. And I was pleased. I started using the name for chat boards, even those not directly associated with AC. (As an aside, I couldn't help making an AC character for my son called Thomas Solansun.)

At least, I was pleased until I got one too many gripes from certain brothers about just how hard it was to /tell Solan Thommad, that is. ;) Keep in mind, one of the brothers often played Surin Lannock and the other had secondary characters with names like Renix's Librarian and Renix's Butler. ;D But I digress.

After that I started using just 'Solan' when I could but that was already taken when I started LJ and I just couldn't part with good old Solan (I answer to it in RL, for heaven's sake!) but was still smarting from the 'too hard to type out' comments. Thus I am Solan_T.

A note on just how I pronounce this, since it really isn't self-evident. I pronounce 'Solan' rather like "stolen" without the "t". "Thommad" is a little trickier. I have been heard to prounounce my son's name as "toe-MAHSS", rather than "TOM-ess", so perhaps you will understand why I thus pronouce "Thommad" as "toe-MAHD".
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