Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

A little background. My cube is located in what is called 'B4 Annex'. There's a B3 Annex just below. I spend a certain amount of time running between them since a lot of the people I need to exchange paperwork and such with are down on B3. B3 Annex also houses the New Mother's room. (which has a double pump! :O If only I had had access to one of those while working and breastfeeding Thomas...). After pumping, new mothers usually use the bathroom which is right around the corner to clean up their stuff.

I just happened to bump into a woman doing just that on Tuesday and we started up a converstation about it, and breastfeeding and pumping in general. I realized that I could feel that odd sensation of my breasts letting down their milk - only, of course, they had no milk! Weird.

Then, today as I was driving home, I remembered the converstation and started thinking once again of breastfeeding and pumping and all that and darned if I didn't get the odd goosebumps-on-the-inside feeling AGAIN.

The human body is a very odd thing.
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