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My car is now in the shop

My car is now in the shop to be checked for any possible problems that could cause my gas milage to be 34 mpg rather than the claimed 48-49 mpg. If I were getting 44 or 46, I would assume it was my driving, but no. It's 34-35. If/when my car comes up clean, I will simply call Honda Customer Service and see what they have to say.

It was interesting last week, when I went to the Honda dealership to see what could be done. When I mentioned to the guy in the shop that I had a complaint he seemed ready to be defensive, but I am not angry (I LOVE my car, I'm just a little disappointed in the gas milage) and I am certainly not angry with him and I think I managed to charm him, at least a little. At the very least he realized I wasn't intending to make trouble for him and he was very friendly this morning as he checked my car in. He's been at this for twenty years, he told me, I imagine he's a little hard to charm.

My next order of business would be the rental car (O'Neil Honda doesn't shuttle people outside Kansas). I was picked up in a truck. Not a little, light truck, no. A BIG, mistake-a-Yugo-for-a-beer-can truck. I mentioned I had trouble just walking through doors sometimes and preferred to drive small cars and he told me they only had a Dodge Neon in the small catagory. This didn't bother me in the least.

However, it was amusing to be taken out by a second very helpful gentleman to 'pick a car'. He, obviously, hadn't heard my comment about wanting a small car and ask me 'So, you ever driven a truck before?" "no' I replied, with a smile.. "How about a minivan?" "Well, I HAVE driven a minivan before, but I prefer a small car. I drive a Honda Civic.' was my reply, giggling. So, I drove away in the little, red Dodge Neon.

I was warned the check-up might take a while, as the poor mechanic is likely going to have to read the manual as he/she goes along.
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