Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Remember when I said I was done with the Silverado?

Seems I lied. I realized it fit quite well up to the bust, so it would make a lovely pattern for an underbust. Yeah, I'm slow.

The shape seems good, but it might just be the twist the twill put in it. I will never use twill again - this was VERY CAREFULLY on grain and it still twisted. I suppose it's okay for a mock-up, but not for a finished product.

You want pictures? they suck. I didn't have the patience to ask a friend to take pictures and the bathroom mirror really should have been cleaned first.

But you can look if you really want to.

underbust mock-up back underbust mock-up back

The twist in the fabric under tension is very obvious. I won't use twill for anything but mock-ups again.
underbust mock-up back underbust mock-up back

the twist isn't as obvious with the laces in the way, but the edges are visibly uneven at the bottom.

I like the shaping at the top (this is good, since I have to fit a 12 inch busk in, since that's what I have on hand). Not so sure about the transition between the last two panels.

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