Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Things I did this weekend

Not even a little bit of sewing.

Got the laundry done.

Shopping for a Birthday gift for Thomas to give to one of his friends.

Shopping for pants. Found ONE pair that fits well (linen/cotton blend, I really like them). Pity about the incredible shallow pockets. *aims virtual kick at the person responsible for the pockets*

Played Civ III.

Wrapped the present.

Got Thomas to the party, on time.

Went grocery shopping, as Thomas really doesn't like grocery shopping.

Finished reading "Cordelia's Honor" for the... gosh, I have forgotton how many times...

Picked Thomas back up, on time.

Took Thomas to his Dad's house.

Went visiting a friend. Got lost and had to be talked in.

Left with the intention of figuring out how Yahoo Maps had intended me to go. Found that it was incredibly easy.... IF The Powers That Be had marked that blankity-blank intersection. *aims virtual kick at person responsible for not marking that intersection... AT ALL.* *insults person's parentage and sexual practices for good measure*

Utterly failed to drink enough water, and dreamed repeatedly of drinking and drinking and drinking, but always being thirsty. Okay, okay, I get it already! At least I didn't dream of needing to pee and being unable to find a suitable place....

Now, I start a week that's sure to be stressful. wheee? Looking forward to the convention at the end of it.

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