Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I have real trouble with heartbreak in my loved ones. I can remember, way back when I was about 6, one of my brothers' toys flew out the car window on some busy, fast moving road. He was heartbroken, and I wasn't far behind. As you can see, I STILL remember it, although I doubt anyone else in the family does. Ow. So much pain and not a damn thing I could do about it!

Then there was the time I took my (then) youngest brother down to the dock at the end of the road from our house in Washington. A gust of wind blew his hat off into the water - much too deep and cold to even think about retrieving. Ack, urk, ow. Didn't help that I kept envisioning HIM going in the water. *whimper*

Today, Thomas really wanted to find something at school. He wasn't clear about what it was; sale, or sail wasn't obvious at first. Then I thought he was talking about a flier about a sale. No, he was talking about a BAKE SALE. At school. Once I figured this out, I pointed out that there were lots of people downstairs, maybe that was were it was? Well, that was where is WAS. There wasn't really anything left by the time Thomas found it. I watched as his face fell and oh, how it hurt me! I gathered him up in a big hug and, as heart-torment can be the spur for inspiration, suggested we go to the bakery half a block away. His face lit back up. I was a little worried, as the last time we went there weren't any sweet treats left for the day, but it being a Lenten Friday, there were plenty, so all was well.

But, if he ever figures out how to feign that, I am in some deep doo-doo!

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