Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Lore junkies.

I am pretty sure I am not one. I don't feel any compulsion to do the kind of compilation you can find here, but I sure do enjoy READING it. And discussing it, when I can. I think that's one of the really big draws for me, to Asheron's Call. The lore was great fun. The mysteries were interesting and some could even be solved completely by the lore. Contemplating what the devs were trying to not-tell us in the monthly teaser was worthwhile. The fact that lore told me that Asheron came from a place called "Knorr" couldn't possibly have had anything to do with that, of course. ;)

Now, I find myself sucked into Oblivion by the lore. I nearly burst something important when I found two sets of books in Morrowind. One was the 'official' biography of Barenziah, and the other was called "The Real Barenziah". And that second biography both rang truer AND made what happened in Arena clearer. (for those that are interested, Barenziah was the one that seduced the locations of the pieces of the Staff out of Jagar Tharn, passed them on to the ghost of the battlemage, who passed them on to the Unnamed Hero - me, in my case. In the game itself, you just know this ghost appears periodically to tell you where to look for the next piece.) I was tickled. I was thrilled. I DESPERATELY wished for someone to crow about this to, who would understand. *sigh* Can't have everything I want, now can I?

Anyway. Lore junkies. Glad I am not actually one of them (just close), but damn, they make for fun reading (for me, 'cause I'm weird that way).
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