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I am not sure I would recommend Sacred (PC game) to anyone. Right now, I simply HAVE to see what the story does, but the game play is frustrating. Take the more annoying parts of a MMORPG and mix it with the more annoying aspects of twitch game play and you will have the combat.

I tried out all six character types, to get a feel for them (and find out where they each start and how). The wood elf (bow) and the vampiress (of all things!) were the most fun. The battle mage didn't make it past the second encounter with goblins - the other five I at least finished out the newbie quests with. I really didn't think I would like the vampiress, but her 'base' form is a knight (odd that, you have to make a transformation to be a vampire and then only for a set amount of time) and I am all about the hack and slash.

Did all right with her until level 19 (act III in the story) when I had to kill a dragon. I had killed one already and thought I could do it. Nothin' doin'! three attempts and my patience snapped. god mode, here I come! I found the %$#^& sprays fire solidly for the last 1/16 of her life. I have NO idea how it's supposed to be done straight. But now I have god moded and there is no going back.

Did I mention the my patience was thin because of a previous quest I had to back off of after three attempts because I always had two REALLY DIFFICULT demons (and a host of undead) to fight at once? Well, I go back in god mode AND THE DEMONS WEREN'T THERE. Figures.

Don't buy it. Really.

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