Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

The number of killjoys in this world just slays me.

I have read so many posts that boil down to this: "I don't like this feature of the game. It makes things too easy, breaks immersion, isn't realistic, yaddayaddayadda. The devs should get rid of it." Never mind if that feature makes the game fun for others, or even simply playable. Most recent example was the 'wait' function of Elder Scrolls games. You can't sleep just anywhere, but you can 'wait'. You don't get your health/mana/stamina (it changes per game) back but game time passes, so you can get into that shop that was closed for the night, or be at the entrance to a certain dungeon, that only opens at dawn and dusk, in time to actually enter it. But this winner is whining because it makes things 'too easy'. And then told us not to tell him to just not use it. :p

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