Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

What an odd morning. Woke about 4:30 and had the most amazing flow of thoughts. I am not tired, nor do I resent the loss of sleep. I continued to be distracted even after the alarm went off, to the point I really wouldn't be surprised to find I forgot something basic, like my pants (*checks pants* they're there. that's good) heck, I remembered I wanted to wear a green shirt today....

There were LOTS of squirrels running around this morning, and, watching them, I realized they made a pretty good analogy for my thought processes for the morning. Hopefully just for the morning. I really need to concentrate on stuff at work today.

I think the most extraordinary thing was contemplating re-marriage (in the most general sense, not the specific. Don't anyone faint on me.) and didn't reject it out of hand, like I have for the last five years. How odd. Of course, I could just be getting complacent and bored with my current life - I have been contemplating motherhood in a general sense, too, and have to remind myself JUST HOW MUCH WORK a baby really is. The longing goes away quickly, after that. lol I LIKE part-time single mommy-hood with a kid old enough for some autonomy - I get the best of both worlds.

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