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A post by bradhicks reminded me of something I still don't understand. I was in fourth grade when I got my first pair of glasses, and my eyes were bad enough I really should have gotten them earlier. It was only my teacher noticing my apparent love/hate relationship with vocabulary that got my eyes tested professionally. With glasses, suddenly I could READ those vocabulary words on the wall without any struggle or strain at all! Oh, wow!

I remember that I forgot my glasses the day after I got them, but didn't notice until I was walking through the gates to school. But... why? Why didn't I notice before? Perhaps because I was driven back to school (with the glasses) the day I got them and therefor had never seen the scenery on my walk to school in this whole new way yet. But I NEVER forgot my glasses again. NEVER. I have intentionally taken them off (and nearly lost them, since I really can't see them without them. eeek!), but never forgotten them.

Or, perhaps..... See, in thinking back, I don't remember the "omg, trees have LEAVES" realization happening until my second or third pair of glasses. Could it be that my first pair just wasn't close enough to what I really needed?! Of course, it could simply be that I was so distracted by all the OTHER things, closer to hand, that I could see in detail now, that the leaves on trees were old hat by the time I got around to actually noticing them. OR, my eyes had changed enough by the time I got around to seeing the trees, that I could no longer see the leaves (and thus could be surprised by the sight of them with the next perscription.)
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