Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Likely of interest only to me.

And I am so sleepy, this likely won't be coherent. The typos ought to be killer. Doubt I will catch them all.

Anyway. Oblivon related:

There is one quest you can't get unless your Personality is 20 or less (out of 100). Now, I go to a certain amount of trouble getting my personality UP, because then I can buy items cheaper and sell items dearer. Makes sense. But now I have to get my 68 personality down to 20. And I can only take four potions at a time (new rule for Obivion. damn them) and spells don't stack.

The only 'Drain Personality' I can find in game is Cheap Wine, but those only drain 10 points each. I need 48. This isn't going to work.

HOWEVER. I have been packratting away all sorts of ingredients ever since I decided my Alchemy skill was high enough I didn't need to be training it (only making the few potions I actually will use). I have quite the pharmacopea in one of my houses.

I run through the ingredients looking for Drain* Personality (keep in mind I have to have at least one 'helpful' effect, or I make a "poison" and can't drink it) but find that my skill is so high that it minimizes the 'bad' part of the potion - the part I want. 2 points for just a few second isn't going to cut it (remember the 'only four potions at a time' rule? damn them). THIS isn't going to work either.

But there is Damage** Personality. With just two ingredient I get everything I need (and wasn't I surprised!). The potions did a decent Shield spell (so it was a potion, not a poison), Damage Personality 2 points for 6 seconds (meaning a total of 12 points per potion) and Damage Endurance 2 points for 6 seconds. That last wasn't NEEDED, but I could deal. Four of those and I would be ready to go.

I ran through my ingredients another time to find some Restore Endurance and Restore Personality reagents - no worries there! Nice and strong, too. After all the damage I did, I only needed one of each to get back to full.

After that, I was feeling pretty proud of my resourcefullness.

Oh, and I could read the Daedric script in the dungeon I was sent to with only one glance at my decoder. I am VERY proud of that. Taught myself that just day before yesterday while decoding a text (that turned out to be nonsense, darn it all!)

Oh, you want to know what I read? "Namira" (the daedra that sent me on the quest) "Everlasting Life" and "She watches over us Shadowing us with her dark embrace The forlorn e ist eternall(y) in the darkest pits". The (y) is because it's not actually there - they don't tend to use a 'y' in the script. Odd. What is meant by "forlorn e ist" I am not sure and the space between the 'n' and the 'e' is debatable. But I am very sure of the translation.

*Drain is temporary and lasts only as long as the spell (usually a matter of seconds or a minute or two).
**Damage is more permanent - you have to get it fixed with either 'Restore' spells/potions or a trip to the chapel for healing.

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