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More on Oblivion


It amuses me greatly to see the name of either one of the two enchanted swords I made come up when I equip them. I enchanted both with Absorb Health (one is just stronger than the other) which takes health away from my target and gives it to me. If the target has Reflect (rather painful if your weapon does direct damage) nothing happens. Way over-powered, but darn straight I'm going to take advantage!

The swords' names? "Your Health is Mine" and "All your health are belong to us". No, I couldn't resist and no, I have no idea what I would name a stronger version. But it sure does make me grin to see those names show up on-screen when I equip them and think about actually using a sword by either title. heh. hehehehehe.


The stories are starting to unsettle me

I already suspect the ending of the main quest from things I have read online. It makes sense, since this is the END of the Third Era - something we have been hearing about since Arena - and the founding of the Septim line by Tiber Septim was the beginning of the Third Era. But.... ow. I don't plan to really start that until I am done with everthing else. Sure, I hear rumors that portals to Oblivion are opening up all over Tamriel and causing massive destruction, but it isn't happening in Cyrodiil YET and won't until I do the next step in the main quest. I am doing every one a service, right? yeah, sure. I'll get to it. Eventually. Poor Martin.... (Deja Vu! I remember being rather sad about a "Martine" in Asheron's Call....)

I don't know what's coming in the Fighter's Guild nor in the Theives Guild, but I do know that things go really south in the Dark Brotherhood (assassins) due to traitors in the ranks and I think players end up killing pretty much everybody. :O

I am currently trying to run through the Mages Guild quests - where, sure enough, there are traitors and a Power bent on the Guild's destruction. Considering the Power is a force for Necromancy, perhaps you can imagine some of the pain involved? I was just sent to find out why no one had heard from one of the Mages Guilds (Keep in mind, a player is forced to interact with all the Mages Guilds by quest to actually get full status in the Mages Guild, so I had met all these people.). It was burning, everyone (visible...) was dead and undead were waiting to attack me! It was actually distressing. And it's going to get worse.....

On the other hand, I think I get to take out the King of Worms, whom I nearly went nuts trying to find in Daggerfall (if you ever hear me say a version of 'If you see the rift, you've gone too far', that's the quest it was from. Scarred, I tell you, scarred!) so it might just be worth it.


I... I... killed two people. Innocent people. And framed each for the other's death. For a Daedra, just so I could get his reward (and thus be able to do the quest that requires me to do all the other Daedra quests first - I'm cold blooded, but not quite cold blooded enough to do this for a sword I will never actually use.). Just so he could sow discord.

I feel so... dirty. And then! Then the Dark Brotherhood came to me in my sleep, just like I have heard so many rumors about ("They say, if you murder someone, the Dark Brotherhood comes to you in your sleep" - I have heard it so often I have it memorized). I'm already dirty, why not? And I was GOOD at it. Snuck up on them while they were sleeping and killed them each with one blow. Now the DB wants me to go kill an old duffer in some Inn. I am told he sleeps a lot. The DB representative, Lucien LeChance, was so... cold, yet so... seductive... I feel the call of the dark side, my people, and it is cold, so very cold.... but isn't a drink of ice water welcome on a hot summer day?
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