Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Sucks to be her!

Medical Bloopers for April 13, 2006

A very pregnant patient arrived in our busy ER. While being wheeled from the waiting area, the baby's head emerged, sending the woman into a panic. "I'm so embarrassed," she sobbed.
"Don't be embarrassed," the nurse told her, "we had a woman deliver a baby on the front lawn last year."
The woman again broke into tears, "That was me!

Changed CDs in the car. Still Queen's Gambit, but at least I am not bursting into tears myself while driving. I find myself somewhat bugged by the hypocracy of "Grania" - she's crowing about taking all she finds (with regard to merchant ships) but is outraged that Queen Elizabeth is doing the same thing (with regard to land). Damn catchy song, though - wish I hadn't made that connection.

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