Kerri (solan_t) wrote,


Before I begin this rant, does anyone know a good route to Cy Rudnick's Fabrics from the southeastern corner of I-435? The map programs tend to get me lost within about a mile of the place. :p

I have now seen one too many baggy-in-the-rear pants on men to stay silent. No, I am not talking about the intentionally baggy pants that were (are?) so fashionable among the young. I mean grown men wearing normal pants so low on their hips that you could fit a thanksgiving turkey in the space their hineys leave. I am not asking for painted-on tight (actually PLEASE, most of you, NOT painted-on tight - there is a very small subset of the population that looks even decent in pants that tight and, lets face it, that's just gotta be uncomfortable.) But, please, not so baggy in the rear you could carry passengers.

While on the subject, I saw something yesterday that nearly made me shudder. There was a woman at a fastfood restaurant wearing the uniform pants (that are meant to go to the natural waist) down around her hips. a) wearing those type of pants that way looks amazingly stupid to begin with and b) her figure SO wasn't the type to be flattered by the style.

Okay, I think I can stop ranting now.

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