Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I finished the Oblivion main quest yesterday.

I found myself just staring at the statue of the dragon. Then I went to Cloud Ruler Temple, looking for certain people who didn't appear. So I stared up at the snow falling, with tears in my eyes that wouldn't fall. Went back to my tower and slept for two solid days (damn, it's boring waiting for sleep to end in 24 hour stretches. So much for sleeping the two weeks away before my Champion armor is done.) Must have slept the depression away or something, because I was motivated (by aformentioned bordom) to search the game guide for things I have not yet done. And found a few. But I digress.

What I MEANT to post about is my amazing powers of face-recognition. See, you get spoken to by the old Emperor at the beginning of the game, and he asks you to find his missing son. Okay. I'll get right on that... as soon as I get bored with everything else.

I finally get around to finding his son (by the name of Martin, turns out). He's a priest, so he's in brown robes. I think nothing of it. I am a little disconcerted by the voice, though. Sean Bean, who I recognize more as Boromir from the new LotR movies.

Later, near the end of the main quest, Martin changes into robes that look a heck of a lot like the ones I last saw his father in. And, by golly! He looks like the spittin' image of his old man! Just with brown hair, instead of grey. (blink, blink) Nice touch by the devs, but why didn't I notice that earlier?!

And, why the heck was the old Emperor kind of surprised to find his 'agent of change' in the imperial prison? I mean, he's done it before. Sure, he probably wasn't aware that the agent that found all the pieces of the Staff of Chaos (Arena) and, thus, freed him from Oblivion had started the quest in the Imperial Prisons, but he sure as heck pulled my Daggerfall-self out prison and interview that-me personally before sending that-me off to find out why a certain ghost would NOT shut up, AND he'd personally signed the release decree that got my Morrowind-self sent to the Island of Morrowind so as to fulfill the Nerevarine Prophesies. What was so shocking about finding his last agent in those self-same dungeons?

Which brings something else up. I overheard some NPCs chatting about my ship-mate and fellow soon-to-be-released-for-unknown-reasons prisoner from Morrowind - Juib. Seems he's "Saint Juib" now and drove all the cliffracers from Morrowind. Why the FRAK couldn't he have done that just a LITTLE quicker? Like, before my Morrowind-self finished up all that she did there and (according to rumor) packed up and headed to Akavir. Damn, I hated those cliffracers!

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