Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Things I have learned about playing Oblivion.

First and foremost, I really don't suggest leaving the main quest for last, like I did. a) getting to that end and having nothing else pressing to do was... bad. I moped. b) while non-essential NPCs may well level with you (I was 20-22 for the main quest) their armor and weapons don't. I know Baurus died, because I saw his body. I suspect Jauffre and Captain Stephan died, because they never turned back up at Cloud Ruler Temple (part of the reason I moped - I kept going back there looking for them. The missing NPC was depressing. And WHY did it have to snow so mournfully every time I was there, anyway?)

I have since started a new character with the express intent of running the main quest FIRST and seeing if any of them survive. I am heartened by the survival of so many of my allies at Kvatch - none of them but the quest person survived my first time through. Note to self: get a 'heal other' spell SOON.

I have no idea how someone would get through the main quest at level 1, as you supposedly need to be atleast level 2 to do any of the daedric quests. Questions I don't have answers to: Are those people lying? Did they use the console to get a daedric artifact? Or can you actually get one at level 1?

Jumping in place isn't NEARLY as effective at raisng the skill as jumping while running. Or maybe it was running while sneaking and jumping. I learned this by deciding to make my waiting time useful, rather than fast-waiting.

Unless you really like fights to be challenging, either make all your Major skills fighting skills (makes it hard to get a 5 multiplier for Strength, just sayin'.) or skills you pretty much never use. Either way works. Making your major skills things you use lots, but that don't help with fighting is... um.. painful.

One shot kills with a bow (with or without sneaking) is incredibly satisfying. I wonder what dark secret that reveals about my psyche.

Watching faces while listen to NPCs talk was disconcerting for some reason. I found myself staring at the sub-titles. Or even just closing my eyes and letting the voices wash over me. This was especially effective with Martin. I need to try it with, say, Lechance and Vincente. What do you mean, those are all male?

Whoever animated the horses obviously really loved horses and paid attention to them. It's lovely.

While I hear some skills don't allow you to use the perks through buffs (meaning, you have a skill below the perk level, but a buff puts you above it), Merchantile and Alchemy will, for sure. I suspect its only the fighting skills that don't.

You really can still move (but not fast travel) while burdened, IF you are on a horse when you become burdened.

(I only have one incident of this: but I don't suggest trying to fast travel while under the influence of a spell or potion that has taken away your burdened state - my game crashed. YMMV.)

Having the Wizard's Tower plug-in from the start of the game REALLY CHANGES things. It's not just having a free bed - you can find those lots of places. It's not just having free storage. It's the merchant with a Novice skill and 2000 gold that will also refill your magic weapons and the altars for spellmaking and enchanting without going through all the hoops for the Mages Guild. My goodness!

Tracking down and activating wayshrines for each of the Nine Divines is well worth the hassle. That's a nifty little once-a-day spell.

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