Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Not really impressed


Got the wooden busks I ordered from Grannd Garb last night. They just don't measure up to the one I got from AlterYears. For one, they are pine (the website said they would be pine or ash. I am not sure I would equate those two...), so I can distress them with a mere thumbnail. The shaping is minimal. Give me some basic woodshop tools (one, I admit, would be a table router) and I could churn better versions out by the cart load. I mean, they aren't even all the same size! The range in length from 14" to 14 and 5/16" and the widths vary by about 1/4". The holes drilled in them aren't all the same size. They are FLAT with just the edges rounded and remind me strongly of paddles. I seriously doubt they are really worth the $10.50 I paid for each. :( Just so not impressed.

David Copperfield show

Did someone call him a narcissist and he's decided to show us what that REALLY means? It IS funny, but I wonder at the origin. Also, he really shouldn't rely on TV cameras to prove the veracity of his illusions, because I do believe my generation just doesn't trust anything unbelievable they see on screen. Camera tricks are just too easy. It made his finale rather flat for me. Now, making a HUGE car just appear on-stage with people standing all around it? THAT was impressive.

I did like the bits with the duck, though. And 'redoing' the "dissapear duck in box, reappear duck in bucket" illusion in 'slow motion' was just hysterical.


I seem to be procrastinating putting the grommets in the corset, likely because then I can try it on and see that is doesn't fit. Or something.

End complaining

The headache I walked out of the Copperfield show with was gone soon after I had some dinner, I had some pleasant IM conversations and found a new, fun game on Real Arcade, so the evening was saved.
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