Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Note to self: Do not, under any circumstances, wear the red spanish gown again without either losing the weight you have regained (ha!) or add a freaking modesty panel and add some new loop/buttons to waist bands. Just 1.5 inches more, that's all it will take to actually, like, BREATHE worth a darn.

It was a fun weekend (at OKRF in Muskogee), though, regardless of the problem with the red gown, or the bunched up pantaloons on Saturday (bunched up linen at the sides of the waist under a very tight corset = BAD. No wonder I was so blessed uncomfortable all day!) I got to see, hear and interact with Heather Alexander, so I am a very happy little camper. I also got to hear several sets of Queen's Gambit, of course - wouldn't miss that - and now have an autographed copy of their newest CD. I heard one set of Bedlam Bards and was impressed enough to buy a CD. I had meant to listen to one last set by both Bedlam Bards and Heather Alexander, but was just too uncomfortable, so I just bought two more of Heather's CDs and left, but didn't have the presence of mind to ask her to autograph those. sigh. It's not like that makes then SOUND different, after all.

Four+ hour drive home meant I got to listen to all but one of my new CDs. Happy, happy! Now to listen to the fifth one!

Edit: Would you all believe that I had never before heard 'Bedlam Boys' before today? And now I have heard two versions. :p

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