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Right, so work is stressful. Too much too do, too few people, everyone needs to use the same equipment, not enough time. Typical life for some of you, eh?

I was 1.75 hours longer at work than is normally 'expected' today, then I end up in the middle of backed up traffic with nary an exit between me and the accident. 15 solid minutes without moving at all - a record for me, unless there was some time in So Cal as a kid that exceeds that. I literally just turned the engine off and opened some windows.

All three lanes of 435 were blocked off and traffic was going by on the left shoulder (JUST before an exit, no less). Crews were just hoisting cars onto the two tow trucks I watched go past. Get this - there were six other cars involved. Ick. Mostly looked like bent fenders. I could have missed something, though, as I was more interested in getting past.

Tomorrow, more of them same, work-wise, And Wednesday. And Thursday. No idea about Friday.

And I really don't wonder why there are so many people leaving the company. If my boss ends up one of them.... shit. a) I really like him and b) I have no idea how we would function without him, but I know he is seriously stressed out.

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