Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

X3 was as much fun the second time around as the first. But that uniform damn near killed me. Turned into a puddle of goo. I am sure starstraf heard me wimpering.

In totally other news: Petty, petty, petty! Since Quintiles split off Aptuit there's been some changes. The least explicable is the sudden announcement that Quintiles/Aptuit employees can no longer use the North Gate and Aventis employees can no longer use the South Gate. I heard, but didn't go out of my way to check, that the guards were checking badges for people leaving on the North Gate several months ago. Seems someone on the Quintiles/Aptuit side decided tit-for-tat was an adult response to this and now WE have to show badges to leave. I have no words.

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