Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

About 11:30 the phone at my parents' house rang and, as I and my son were the only ones home, I answered it. I identified the caller as my middle brother, Geoff, who was asking me to wake our youngest brother, Pat. Well, Pat was actually at church with Mom and Dad, and so I told the brother on the phone.

Soon after 12, Pat is home and I tell him Geoff called for him. He was a little confused. He told me Kenn (the brother between Geoff and Pat) had called him on the cell phone, but had wanted to talk about stuff Geoff wouldn't know about, so the calls weren't likely connected.

About 5-10 minutes later Pat comes back and informs me "Kenn says you're deaf. He's the one that called."

I tell ya all, I still can't quite reconcil that. That voice sounded JUST like Geoff. So, remember: identify yourselves on the phone, for pity's sake!

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