Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Would you LOOK at what you are typing, dude?

I am aware that Carrie/Kerry/Kerri/Cary/Carey is an unusual name and 'Kerri' a very small part of the pool. This means that I just don't get too upset when someone misspells my name after simply hearing it. If I think I will be corresponding with the person a bit, I might correct them. Or not. In fact, I have been out-right shocked when someone actually spelled my name correctly under these circumstances.

If I know someone has seen my name spelled a few times, but likely didn't have the spelling to hand when writing to me, I might be a little miffed at a misspelling, but understanding.

However! When someone is replying to an email I sent from work (in which I KNOW they have my first name spelled correctly right in front of them SEVERAL TIMES) and this someone has corresponded with me for the last TWO MONTHS, I think I am allowed to be a bit testy when they address me as 'Kerry'.

I am sure it was a perfectly innocent bit of thoughtlessness, but it did elicit the snarky thought: I realize my parents were being rather cutsie when they named me, but, if anyone is going to 'correct' their faux pas, I am quite sure that person should be me.

At least I have a well-developed sense of wry humor. :p

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