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This was cute, and raised my spirits this drippy, dreary day.

I think I have mentioned the ducklings in the courtyard at work? If not, well, a mother duck has found that our courtyard is a very safe place to make her nest and there have been ducklings in it every spring I have worked here. The day they get herded out is both funny (I mean, herding DUCKS) and sad (we don't get to watch them anymore)

Well, one end of the court yard is covered in ivy and evergreen, except for a raised box with a few weeds. Today, as I was walking by to get to QA I saw a lone duckling moving aimlessly in the ivy at the far end, peeping 'I'm LOST' for all it was worth. It suddenly ran by the raised box and peeped some more, then ran back. It did this for a few passes, then I noticed that some of the peeping I was hearing through the glass was not the duckling I was watching. Somehow I had missed the REST of the ducklings IN the raised box (and I actually looked for them, because it was the logical place, with the way the lone duckling was acting). The side they chose to occupy was too raised for the lone duckling to jump into (I think it's the back end that is low enough for the ducklings) and I was treated to the sight of the ducklings running back and forth trying to get back together. Then, one of the group got bold enough (or smart enough) to move to the edge of the box, look down, then jump down and all the rest followed. There appeared much rejoicing when all were together again. :) Soon after, Mother arrived and they all ran off to meet her.
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