Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

These hits can just keep coming.

In addition to seeing the pics of that lovely corset of laracorsets (I just want to hug it and love it and call it 'George'. Or 'Georgette', Or, maybe, just 'Gorgeous'. Anyway)

They are finally putting plants back in the courtyard! End of March/beginning of April they pulled most of the plants out with the promise that new landscaping would go in in May. Well, then there was the whole thing about deciding if Pre-Clinical stayed or went and everything else was put on hold. It may be almost the end of June now, but they ARE putting new plants in (I refuse to really think about the email saying that, since things are moving along again, we all have to move soon so they can 'reconfigure' our cubes into the horseshoe-shaped-communal-desk from hell.) and the courtyard already looks so much better, even though the plants are mostly still in pots.

I got an email from Canada Post saying my Farthingales order is on it's way. Yay! There was some question as the order had been refused by my CC company. The CC company told me last night Farthingales had failed to use the security code. Farthingales this morning emailed me a bit confused, saying they never had to use that, but that the request HAD gone through this morning. Hey, any way that works! The hoops for the....heh.. farthingales are on their way!

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