Kerri (solan_t) wrote,


I got a new cable modem yesterday. It hooked up just fine.

But about 9 pm it started hanging and just WOULD NOT come back. (it was back this morning and I suspect it probably came back about...oh.. 10pm when whateverthehellitis did whateverthehellitdoes once a hour. Whatever.)

But I can promise you, I will be calling Sunflower EVERY FREAKING TIME it does it again, because it's obviously not my hardware.

Traffic wouldn't be so bad... if it weren't for the other drivers. Oh, to be fair, only a small percentage of other drivers. But they sure do make their presence known.

And it's 80 freakin' degrees in here right now. So my mood is not the best. How did you guess?

Edit: And auroraceleste pointed out that it's been TWENTY years since "Labrynth" came out. I have been enjoying that movie for TWENTY YEARS. *blink, blink, blink*
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