Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Poor little birdy.

It zigged when it should have zagged. Or, at least, I think it was a bird. I only got the merest gimpse of it; it was too big for an insect, but didn't make much of a thump when it collided with the front of my car. Of course, it could have been a banana peal someone threw off the overpass I was just about to go under, for all I know. I totally forgot to look at the front of my car once I was at work. But I think it was a swift little bird chasing an insect in a fatal direction.

Work today is looking to be a LONG day, even though I have every intention of leaving at 3:30 to meet up with someone. Good grief, it's not even 10 yet.

Wait, I think I know who I need to call to give these samples away. TTFN.

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