Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I actually woke from a nightmare last night.

This is unusual. I had to think out how I would journal it, then end it 'properly' to be able to close my eyes again.

It was a long boring dream until:

I am sitting in a theater watching something wherein a boy goes down a tube slide (note, there was dirt sifting in to said slide) on a skateboard. The bottom of the slide (naturally) dumps off onto a road and the boy nearly collides with a car (I didn't see this, just heard it because the slide was in the way, in true Hollywood fashion)

Okay, nothing much here.

But the guy in the car wants revenge.

? Okay....

But doesn't really care WHICH boy was involved, just any boy will do. Upshot is a totally different boy ends up buried IN the slide.

Quick change!

Now the two detectives from the Law-and-Order-show-I-like-so-much-but-can-never-remember-the-name-of are after this child killer.

Fine and dandy, this should be interesting.

But the car guy somehow mesmerizes the woman of the duo...

At which point I become the male of the duo.

I am opening closet doors (no idea why...) and the car guy is behind the first door. Mustn't look the car guy in the eyes or I will end up like the partner. Mustn't let the car guy know I am on to him. I quickly close that door and open others. Couple of boring closets.

Last door. ACK! Stuffed full, but I don't notice with what because there's a BODY hanging in the middle!

This is getting bad. Look away!

A FOOT is sticking out of the top of the packed-in stuff

Slam closet door!

Go back to first door to arrest the car guy. Get his arm up behind his back, but...

He's got a hammer in the other hand!

I wake up.

I think on what I have just dreamed.

Decide it is actually the body in the closet that upsets me most (I mean, I can think of all sorts of ways to deal with the car guy, including back-up running it. duh)

I wonder what brought this all on and go back to sleep.

I then proceed to have almost nightmares, in which things look bad for a while, but then change. A body under a sheet constantly shifting and moaning in pain? Trite Hollywood "don't pull that sheet off! The sight will stun you!" set up. While the sight WAS rather shocking, I refused to dwell on it more than an instant and suddenly the person under the sheet is calmly giving a tour of the home. LOL

However, running all over an insane shopping mall (with shades of WoW and DisneyLand) first looking for a parking spot, then looking for my CAR, was just frustrating.

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