Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Watched Superman Returns tonight. When I looked at my watch on the way out I was like "no way! 9:13?!" Which just means the movie TOTALLY SUCKED ME IN!!!!

On the other hand, isn't Superman's costume supposed to be indestructable? I could have sworn. Anyway.

Now, the bad news (to me, anyway) Just the little trip to the theater (not to mention my drives to and from work) made my back all mad at me (driving a car seems to be the WORST thing I can do to it right now) so a trip out to White Hart doesn't seem in the cards for me. Which make TWO Ren Fests I have missed because of this damn problem with my back.

Yesterday at work sucked. Big time. I expected it to suck today, too, since I had to do what we didn't manage to get done yesterday (client didn't give us authorization to ship until this morning) but things went rather smoothly, if tediously and the packages went out on time.... well, I got them to the dock an hour late, but FedEx doesn't usually pick up until 1.5-2 hours after the time the dock wants all the packages for the day delivered, so it was all good.

But, holy shiznit, jury-rigging secure packing for 2000 vials in just three hours sucks some serious wind. I could NOT believe it took us an additional three hours to do the shipping box work. Lord there's a lot of paperwork, signatures and countersignatures that went into that.

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