Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Medical Bloopers for July 24:

A precocious 4-year-old was brought to the ER with a chief complaint of cough and difficulty breathing. She kept up a non-stop conversaton while I was trying to assess her heart rate and lung sounds with my stethoscope. Finally, I said, "Shhh, I have to see if Barney is in there."
The child looked at me and calmly replied, "I have Jesus in my heart. Barney is on my underwear."

I am very glad he wasn't IN her underwear.....

It's a whopping 66.4 degrees F here at work today. What fun we shall have.

WoW is taking over my brain, but I did get a little sewing done this weekend.

I laid out the pattern pieces of the Simplicity Civil War corset so as to actually write down the measurments of the various finished sizes. Then I measured my already finished corsets..... they don't match up. I KNOW my green and my blue corsets were made to size 14, but the measuments now say 16. I am somewhat disconcerted. It's possible (nay, likely) that the corsets have stretched a bit with use, but a whole inch per half?!

Edit: by the time I finished this posting, the temp had dropped to 64.7 *sigh*)

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