Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

O'Halloran Family Reunion this weekend.

Considering we can get nearly 40 people together just bringing the progeny of my Grandma and Grandpa O'Halloran together, bringing the progeny of my GREAT, GREAT Grandparents O'Halloran together ought to be a rather large group, don't you think?

Patrick O'Halloran left Ireland about the same time as "My dear and loving son, John" from the song Kilkelly, and for much the same reasons, I am sure. He was one of the first settlers in the Hutchinson area (or so one can assume by his name being on a monument to the area's original settlers found on the Kansas State Fair grounds) and proceeded to have a rather large family (not sure if he married before or after leaving Ireland, but he was married by the time he settled.)

There are at least two (not mutually exclusive) stories about why they settled where they did. One says he felt the rolling hills of the area looked like Ireland and the other says his wife was sick of traveling and traded a rifle and two... can't remember now... anyway, two other practical items for the land. I am almost positive both stories are actually true.

If I understand my mother right, he had only one son that carried on the name (not just one son, simply only one that married and had children). That son also only had one son that married and had children (my grandfather). My grandfather just plain had only one son (and four daughters), who now has four sons (and one daughter), so maybe the trend has broken, eh?

That covers what I know about those particular ancestors. lol

Anyway, my mother has been gently reminding her children of this family reunion, pointing out that Grandma would just love to show us off. What she doesn't add, but I firmly believe, is that SHE would love to show us off, too. Hey, if you bear and raise 6 children to useful adulthood, you'd want to show them off, too, wouldn't you?

As much as I know all my cousins and aunts and uncles, I am going to be surrounded by virtual strangers that I just happen to be related to. This will be... interesting.

Edit: there's even a family crest (which I did know from a poster at OKRF...and Grandma and Grandpa's house, when I really stop and think about it....) But this just cracked me up

"The name O'Halloran in Ireland is derived from the native Gaelic O'hAllmhurain Septs that were located in Counties Galway and Clare in the West of the country. The name is taken from the Gaelic word 'allmhurach' which means 'pirate' or 'overseas stranger'."

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