Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Temptations, temptations.

There something fascinating about this picture of "An Unknown Lady by a follower of Tiziano". (note: this is the picture I used as a reference for my Ren Fest gown for 2004)

The fabric of the bodice is different from the overall fabric of the skirt. The border on the skirt does appear to at least repeat the pattern of the bodice.

This gives me ideas. radcliffe was cleaning and found a green velvet skirt that was nearly complete - the cartridge pleating was done and the skirt was attached to a waist band. She had no use for it, but it was too much work to throw away, so I have it.

I found some minty green fabric (too warm, really, but when has that stopped me?) yesterday while fabric shopping with verminiusrex.

Here's the two together

It is very tempting to just let the minty fabric be the forepart, but I am just itching to try my hand at using fabric (rather than ribbon) as trim, in which case I could make the bodice out of the minty fabric and it would tie into the skirt. I could close the skirt, even, so I would have no need of a forepart. That would be rather novel for me, too.
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