Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Still can't sleep.

You WoW people don't know how good you got it. Heck, most of the MMOGs I have seen are this way. But not AC.

In WoW, you can get within a couple body lengths of a creature and it won't notice you. In AC, if you could see details on the creature, you were too close.

In Wow, they graciously space the creatures out so you can fight them one at a time. In AC, the engine allowed for LOTS of creatures in small spaces, so that's what you got. I use the term 'mob' mostly because I am used to them being just that - mobs. Not Mobile Units. Large Groups.

And yet... I can get nostalgic, thinking of wading into a herd of those little treasure troves called Feral Carenzi. Their YIP YIP WHINE as I killed them one by one until I had a circle of bodies to plunder. By this time they had added tinkering and U.S.T.s (Universal Salvagine Tools - looked like spoons, as I recall) so I was actually looking for what the plunder was made of: Silver, or Ruby, or Steel, for instance. (Well, Turbine had to do SOMETHING because money was so pointless.) Eventually this wasn't challenge enough and I moved on to Olthoi. Man! What a day, when I realized I was high enough level to take on the Olthoi of the mainland! And the loot! Lots and lots in each body, unless I was really unlucky.

But I think I like the WoW version better anyway, since money actually means something (at least, is still does to my lowbies). And I haven't gotten bored with the quests yet. AND, if you die in a quest dungeon (with a group) you don't tend to have to start all over - there are ways to bring you back to your group. THAT I don't think I want to play without ever again. Heck, if you die in general, you can get back to your corpse unhindered and can usually resurrect in peace to start killing again. I don't think I want to play without THAT either.

I think I may actually be sleepy now. 'Night.

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