Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I'm stealing time!

There's this little lull while I await further orders/info/whathaveyou, so I am going to try to make a post that I really wanna make.

I went on my first real 5-man instance in WoW yesterday. Rather unexpectedly, but I did enjoy myself and plan to do that more.

The chat channel called LookingForGroup is VERY busy, such is life. Not only are a lot of people looking for groups all the time, but some people just CAN'T let a chat channel go by without adding their own stamp, no matter how off topic. So I turned it off a day or two after starting to play. What's a level 5 or so going to do with that channel?

A few days ago it occurred to me that I had character high enough level to actually group. Whoa. So I turned it back on. Holy crud, still busy! But it's mostly entertaining now, since I understand more.

I was caught by what I thought was a typo. I am familiar with Rage Fire Chasm (RFC) and thought someone meant that when asking for a group for RFK. But, rather than jump to conclusions, I sent a tell asking what RFK stood for. oooo, Razor Fen Kraul. Um... what level is that for? 30 or so? Would a level 29 Priest be completely over matched? (no, really, I was just curious in a general sense, but) Suddenly, I have a Invite request from the person.

I take a mere moment to decide if I REALLY want to be a healer type with so little experience, but the person says they have one priest all ready and I just couldn't resist.

LOL, right after I accept I see the person say "LF2M have tank and 2 priests!" Maybe my bros were right about priests always being welcome....

It was fun. It was educational. I was the only one to die. Which is just fine, as there was a shaman and a priest to race to rez me. About half way through the other priest and the shaman had to go, so it was just me. :0 And no one died.

Of course, without that shaman, we didn't have QUITE so many problems with mobs getting pulled early, or unexpectely, or having ADDs when we didn't really need them. (somehow we survived having FIVE on us one time. Funny story, actually. I could see two mobs coming at us from my front (thanks to the Shaman, I do believe), but saw our party leader shooting BEHIND me. Um.... crud. The Shaman had to heal himself twice, due to total lack of mana for both priests, but nobody died that time, for a miracle.)

Perhaps it was just ideosyncratic of this group, but we two priests just did what we were told, and the other three (party leader warrior who SHOULD have been in charge if you ask me, the other warrior that had a map and the shaman who seemed QUITE sure he was right no matter what) kept trying to go in three different directions.... Twas like herding cats. And this was only FIVE. How do the 40 mans do it?

All in all, I don't feel quite so noobish anymore and am more willing to be the healer for a group (it's really a very responsible position, for all that we don't seem to do much for long periods of time... when things go well)

Oh, and Thomas' birthday gift was a PS2 game of his choosing. He chose Burnout Revenge. I just hope he gets all that 'do stupid stuff in cars' out of his system, rather than thinking it's okay to do them. But it had him totally entranced while I was playing WoW last night.

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